Palo Alto Hand Surgery

Dr. Andrew Gutow 

Dr. Jennifer Schneider

Welcome to our practice

Our goal is to work with you to help you relieve pain and restore function to your hand and arm. 


When we see you we will obtain from you a history of your current injury/disorder, examine you, review new or prior radiographs and recommend further evaluation or treatment to you.


If needed we can obtain new radiographs in our office at the time of your visit.


If you need more complex studies such as a CT (CAT scan) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan) we will refer you to get this done and then have you return at a later date to review the study.


In our practice we are assisted by our front desk receptionists (patient service representatives), medical assistants, a cast technician, radiology technicians, nurses and physician assistants.  During your visit with us you will first check in with our receptionists who will confirm you demographic and insurance data.  Then one of our medical assistants will escort you to an examination room and obtain an initial history and measurements of your hand function.   If new x-rays are needed we may have you get them at this time.  After being seen by the medical assistant, one of our physician assistants (PAs) may take additional history and perform further examination of you.  The doctor will then review all of the collected data, discuss your history and symptoms with you, examine you and make recommendations for treatment. 


If you need assistance with scheduling of studies or surgery this will be done by one of our nurses.  If a cast or splint is needed this will be applied by our certified cast technician.  If occupational / hand therapy is needed we can refer you to a skilled provider (we have therapist with whom we work at the PAMF as well as private therapists in the surrounding communities).

We ask our new patients to fill out a new patient information form to help them and us understand the history and nature of their current problem.  This detailed form also insures that we do not overlook any possible contributing factors or medical problems which might affect your treatment.  You can review this below and print it out and fill it out in advance if you wish, or we can provide you with it at your visit.