Palo Alto Hand Surgery

Dr. Andrew Gutow 

Dr. Jennifer Schneider

Postoperative Instructions, general

Post Operative Instructions

Palo Alto Hand Surgery






  1. Leave the bandages on until you return to the office for your post operative appointment unless directed to remove them. Some bleeding into the bandages is normal.
  2. Keep the bandage clean and dry. Call our office if the bandage gets wet.
  3. If you shower, cover the dressings with plastic wrap to keep the dressing dry.



  1. Elevate the surgical site above your heart as much as possible the first 2-14 days.
  2. Bend and straighten fingers and thumb fully once every hour for the first several days to maintain mobility and prevent swelling.



  1. Take pain medication as prescribed. Make sure to take with food or drink.



  1.  Advance your diet slowly. Start with liquids and advance to solid food as tolerated. You should be able to return to a normal diet within 24 hours after surgery.


Additional Instructions:


Our office phone number is   650-853-2951        

  1.  Call our office to make a follow up appointment for 12-15 days if you donít have one.
  2. Your fingers may be numb through tomorrow due to the local anesthetic medicine injected at the surgical site.
  3. Limited swelling and bleeding is expected. If you have excessive pain, bleeding, swelling or fingers that become blue, purple or white or become numb after the local anesthetic medicine wears off, call our office.
  4. You may have a slightly elevated temperature for a couple of days after surgery.
  5. If your temperature is over 101.5 F, call our office.


For your Safety on the day of surgery:


v     Do not drive, drink alcohol, use power tools or make important decisions for 24 hours after  your surgery.

v     Arrange to have someone accompany you home. You may not leave the hospital or surgery center alone.

v     When changing positions from lying to sitting to standing, do so slowly.


After 5pm you can reach the doctor on call at  650-321-4121       

If you are unable to reach either your physician or feel that you need immediate medical attention please go to the Palo Alto Medical Clinic Urgent Care, telephone     650-853-2958      Their hours are 7am to 9pm. Or you may go to the Stanford Hospital Emergency Department telephone  650-723-5111  or your local emergency department.